India Maldives Defence Agreement: What You Need to Know

India and Maldives have a long-standing diplomatic relationship that has been growing stronger in recent years. The two countries have been working closely together on various fronts, including defence. In this article, we will take a closer look at the India Maldives Defence Agreement and what it means for both countries.

What is the India Maldives Defence Agreement?

The India Maldives Defence Agreement is a bilateral agreement between India and Maldives that aims to enhance defence cooperation and coordination between the two nations. The agreement was signed in 2016 during the visit of then-Maldivian President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom to India.

Under the agreement, both countries agreed to strengthen their cooperation in areas such as maritime security, counter-terrorism, and military training. The agreement also provides for regular consultations and joint exercises between the defence forces of India and Maldives.

What are the key provisions of the agreement?

The India Maldives Defence Agreement has several key provisions that are designed to enhance defence cooperation between the two countries. These provisions include:

1. Regular high-level visits and consultations between the defence establishments of India and Maldives.

2. Joint exercises and training programs between the armed forces of both countries.

3. Enhancement of maritime security and cooperation in the Indian Ocean region.

4. Cooperation in counter-terrorism and the exchange of information on terrorist activities.

5. Assistance in capacity building and human resource development in the defence sector.

What are the benefits of the India Maldives Defence Agreement?

The India Maldives Defence Agreement has several benefits for both countries. These benefits include:

1. Enhanced security: The agreement will help both countries to enhance their security by sharing intelligence, conducting joint exercises, and improving their capabilities in maritime security.

2. Strengthened diplomatic ties: The defence agreement will help to strengthen the diplomatic ties between India and Maldives and promote greater cooperation in other areas.

3. Counter-terrorism: The agreement will help both countries to combat terrorism by sharing information and coordinating their efforts.

4. Capacity building: The agreement will help to build the capacity of the Maldivian defence forces and promote greater professionalism.

5. Economic benefits: The agreement will help to promote economic cooperation between the two countries, particularly in the defence sector.


The India Maldives Defence Agreement is an important step towards strengthening the defence cooperation between India and Maldives. The agreement has several key provisions that are aimed at enhancing security, promoting diplomacy, and building capacity in the defence sector. With this agreement in place, both countries can look forward to greater cooperation and collaboration in the years to come.